International Small Practice Architects Association unites, supports and advocates for small practices and sole practitioner architects, graduates and students, both internationally and at national level.

The Association’s key activities include:

  • Professional networking, exchange of information, sharing of expertise and direct cooperation between members.
  • Provision of effective pro bono assistance to disaster stricken or otherwise disadvantaged individuals and communities.
  • Complementary architectural discourse and education to improve sustainability and aesthetic values in the built environment.
  • Organisation of architecture festivals, conferences, award programs, lectures and workshops.
  • Advocacy for small practices in dialogue with national architecture organisations biased towards larger firms and corporate sponsors.
  • Solicitation of better value for our members from industry suppliers, such as software developers.
  • Mentoring programs.
  • Representation of our members and values in the media.
  • Promotion of international understanding and peace.

Our Association is apolitical at does not comment on or engage in political discourse.